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Our Alumni presents an integral and important part of the school's development. Alumni are our messengers in the outer world. By their success and achievements, they demonstrate the benefits of the SSE Russia education, and the time that they spent learning, fighting and developing with us. Thus, they act as trendsetters of the values and philosophy of SSE Russia attracting future participants to our programs, and acting sometimes as our most advanced and demanding customers.

The Alumni Community now includes the graduates of the School's Executive MBA program and the open executive education program in Modern Economics, Business and Entrepreneurship, who have completed their studies over the last 4 years.

Alumni organize various events, invite guest speakers, participate in regular meetings with SSE faculty, and conferences with local business community. The detailed information about the Alumni Association's history, present structure, projects and events can be found under the Alumni Association of the Stockholm School of Economics in Russia homepage SSE Russia Network. To enter the Network you one need a personal ID and a password. If you have any questions, suggestions or ideas, please contact us by e-mail:


    Kelly Leichenko Alumni of EMBA SM3.
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Alumni Interviews

Maria Chernobrovkina
AmCham St. Petersburg
Executive Director
EMBA General Management Round 4

Most likely, changes in the world perception did not take place during the learning process at SSE, the look at management processes and their interconnections possibly changed. With regard to changes after graduation from the school, yes, I changed the job. I became the head of the office of the American Chamber of Commerce in St. Petersburg.  

I think that I have managed to achieve at least growth in quantity of the members of the Chamber (the Chamber includes 175 foreign companies of the city and the region now), this is an indicator for me showing that the Chamber is working efficiency and I hope that there is my contribution in this too .

To advantages of the school belong, first of all, brand of the school and rating in the international rating of business school. Expectations from education were not only justified but everything was even better than I had thought at the beginning. This happened primarily due to a high level of teaching and due to the amazingly interesting people who studied together with me.

We maintain very close relations with my SSE group. Spouses and children have joined our company, we celebrate birthdays, have celebrated several weddings, we meet regularly and play Mafia. Every year we actively celebrate the birthday of the group. By and large, we have found each other. In running of business, these contacts are probably helpful because advice of an extraordinary person is always valuable. We have had 40 such people in the group, that is why, of course, I turn to them for advice frequently, especially in the areas where I lack knowledge.

Sergey Chadin
Financial Director of the Sviaznoy MC,
Strategic Market Development EMBA, Round 3

One of the most valuable acquisitions is appearance of global nature of knowledge and feeling of bigger closeness to European colleagues, understanding of the values, principles and methods of running business declared in their countries. New acquaintances are another equally valuable benefit. This way or the other, all this has positive influence on everyday work and in non-working situation. For me SSE becomes an important step in my establishment of both as a manager of international level and an active citizen of the modern global world.

Too often domestic programs represent broadened versions of the second higher education with the same lecturers of the Higher School and the relevant textbooks. The Stockholm school builds the education on foreign lecturers and materials of European and American authors. All this gives not only another look at seemingly the same knowledge but also another philosophy and acquaints you with other values and principles of running business. Of course, the modular form of education with "maximum submersion into the subject" is convenient too because it allows focusing of effort without scattering it on parallel studying of various disciplines. All these advantages generate another one being equally important: this results in a bright and interesting atmosphere of dialogs, arguments and discussions that helps you to absorb new opinions and experience of colleagues adding important traits to your own knowledge and skills. The geography of places of modules organization was a pleasant surprise. Besides Moscow, St. Petersburg and Stockholm the modules are also organized in Newcastle, Helsinki, Riga and other cities. This adds elements of a captivating adventure to the education:

New acquaintances, interesting people and good friends appeared in my life and I learned to transfer knowledge and skills to the subordinates in the right way. I am sure that in due time this communication may go to the business aspect too.

Eugeny Petrov
Head of Geological&Geophysical department of the Severneftegas company
EMBA Oil&Gas Round 4

Definitely, my enlistment in SSE enabled me to look at my knowledge in a new way. This increased my self-esteem as a professional in my area because the idea of obtaining of MBA Oil&Gas degree appeared not incidentally but due to a permanent striving for perfection of my knowledge and managerial skills in the oil and gas sector. I try to implement the obtained useful theoretical knowledge actively into my everyday working practice after each module.  

One of the main criteria for choice of the school for me was obtaining of international managerial experience with emphasis on Russian market. In my opinion, the highly professional lecturers are a big advantage of SSE. It is also very important that you learn a lot of new things in the process of education and when you communicate with students you have a possibility to look at the presented information at a different angle because every student passes the information through the prism of his own experience and notions. The words of great mathematician Jean Vale are very appropriate at this point, "It is possible to learn more only through changing of your position and angle of vision."

All students of the school possess exclusive experience and practically all of them have managerial posts in large companies. That is why, of course, the list of new contacts is refilled, we all communicate, exchange knowledge and experience. I am absolutely sure that useful acquaintances and contacts are such only if there is mutual understanding and mutual return when you have a possibility to help and, just the opposite, when you can find understanding and necessary support among the people with whom you work. It will be possible to say more definitely how actively acquaintance with new professional people in the school helps development of the career a little later. Time will put everything on its place.

Communication with students and the way how I and they understand the presented information are very important for me. Atmosphere in our group is very good, which definitely has a favorable influence on perception of new material and, in general, this has only positive influence on the entire educational process during which I have already learned many new and useful things.

Mamuka Machavariani
Managing Partner at "VR Business Brokers" Washington DC (USA)
CEO at the "Green Development" (Georgia)
EMBA General Management Round 4

I consider SSE as one of the best advanced thinking universities in Europe. SSE Russia is best out of best in Russia no doubt. The University offers true European graduate degree, which give prospective professionals access not only in Russia/Ukraine/CIS market but also in European great job market. I studied in USA and my American friends/classmates know SSE/Sweden/IKEA/Volvo and so very well, SSE give you recognition USA and world job market as well. That's so great. I could not explain just by words! After graduation SSE helped me efficiently manage my offices in Moscow, Kiev, Tbilisi and Washington DC. After SSE I made definitely career move and wealth fortune, my income increased perpetually at least by 25%, yearly. Most what I achieved also was in private/family life..I am father of 4 children and I am PROUD of IT! At least one of them will be SSE graduate!

Advantages of SSE in Russia: Access to the Russia, CIS, EU and USA job markets; Top listed graduate school at most recognized ranking (FT for example); Western brad thinking; Great brand, great professors, great classmates, great alumni network (still need a lot of work), part of SSE global:just few advantages I can name.
When I choose graduate school most important things were: school brand; networking; Russia is great opportunity market. SSE exceeded my expectation in terms of getting so many things (I named above) within 2-3 years and for just 1/3 price of Volvo.

Just short remainder regarding Harvard Business School "70% out of executive HBS tuition price is NETWORKING". As SSE Alumni active member I'd like insist all SSE brand associated professionals to be twice active to achieve 5 times more success in business and family career! 

The process of getting prime education, communicating with outstanding professionals, implementing knowledge into real business and networking were defiantly most interesting during SSE Executive MBA life!

Alexandre Egorov
Second pilot of Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
EMBA General Management Round 6

Studying in SSE pushed me seriously towards a decision to change my life and career course.  

Despite a quite successful 12-year experience of work for such large international companies as AT&T, Lucent Technologies and Nokia where I was ascending the career ladder very quickly, at a certain moment I understood that very person should necessarily fulfill himself and "find his own way." He should find the cause that he loves infinitely and in which he can express himself fully and disclose his potential. This is not necessarily a managerial highly paid and stable work for a large corporation.

Since my childhood I believed that my path was aviation. However, despite this and higher aviation education and big experience of "amateur" flights at light airplanes, until 35 years old my professional career was connected not with aviation but with telecommunication industry. The stable social position, family and career level achieved by that age did not make me inclined to performance of any risky maneuvers on my life path.

However, having come to SSE in my group I met those who thought in an absolutely different way. The meaning of their lives was not connected with "blind" increase of capital. These were the people who, despite their posts being very high sometimes, their social position and big wealth, were actively opening new horizons for themselves, were testing themselves permanently, learning, growing internally and changing. They were also sharing their energy, experience and knowledge with the people surrounding them actively.

This circumstance created an amazing atmosphere of warmth, friendship and creativity. In this atmosphere my decision to change the post of director for work with key clients of Nokia for the seat of the second pilot of Aeroflot-Russian Airlines grew being facilitated by bright and numerous examples of internal freedom and search in life and, of course, with active support of the colleagues in the group. I have been going to this decision gradually and for a long time but have not dared to make it to date.

Three years already passed since then. They were filled with difficult education, big changes, very interesting experience, meeting with new amazing people and feelings unknown before. I mastered two types of big passenger airliners: Tu154 and Airbus A320. I already do not imagine my life without big aviation. This is a place where I feel well, where I feel myself on the right place, where I am demanded, where I develop and where I am useful for other people.

I think that this is the most important result of my studying in SSE although, of course, it is not the only one.

Work of a crew of a modern airplane is a very hi-tech and sophisticated process that requires not only knowledge of your profession but also ability to make decisions quickly and to resist to stress. The times where undivided authority and professionalism of an airplane commander determined a safe outcome of a flight are gone. Efficient interaction of colleagues in the crew and air company and ability to build a good team where every professional uses his potential to the maximum extent and take an active participation in common work equal to the others became determinants for provision of high safety, quality and regularity of work of commercial aviation. Studying in SSE where the major part of the process was team working gave me invaluable skills of team work and leadership. 

Modern aviation is also business that lives according to business laws. An air company like any other company is built proceeding from these laws. Despite that the major part of my working time passes in an airplane cockpit at an altitude of 10,000 meters, sometimes a good pilot is required not only to have good knowledge of flight laws but also understanding of business laws according to which his air company is working. Studying in SSE helped me to obtain such knowledge.

I am very grateful to the students of my group for friendship, warmth and mutual support. Although big changes have happened to many of us since the moment of enlistment in the school and we are sometimes geographically separated and busty, we try to meet regularly. This gives us enormous pleasure and joy that cannot be comparable to anything.

Viacheslav Semenikhin
Vice-President CitiBusiness Sales Head, Citibank
HR 2

I completed the education in 1999 and by that moment I worked for Pepsi-Cola for about three years and there were sufficiently many special training programs there. Unlike these very valuable but specialized training, the school provided a whole notion of business as a combination of functions and projects and also gave an opportunity to work on business cases and to communicate 24 hours per day and to exchange experience with the fellow-students and lecturers who had already achieved much in their areas. That was why such functions as general management, strategy and finance etc did not seem something alien and incomprehensible in the future. The path towards further development turned out to be open. The school knowledge was especially useful in Baltic Beverages Holding where there were very many cross-functional projects in various geographies of beer industry.

At the end of the 1990s the Stockholm school turned out to be the most international (lecturers and students), English-speaking and available in time. All this was despite a very serious competition where 25 students were selected from approximately 600 applications. It was important that everyone came to the school not "empty" but brought many years of practical experience, bright personality and big ambitions. The expectations were more than justified. Afterwards I visited the IMD campus (this school is known for its executive programs) and saw everything I had already seen in the Stockholm school.

We had an excellent group representing majority of industries. We gather periodically in various cities of the world. It is pleasant to see each other for us. It is possible to dial a telephone number and receive assistance. Literally a month ago, I had consultation with my school colleague working in Sweden. This feeling of accessibility of people, knowledge and markets helps me very much in leisure and in work.

SSE has managed to create an atmosphere of a parade of people and knowledge that you recall with pleasure and will not forget until the old age...

Natalia Shtaltovnaya,
Head of Internet project (Ukraine, Kiev)
EMBA Strategic Marketing Round 2

The main advantage of the Stockholm School of Economics is the long-term outlook it gives. And then it is your turn to decide how far it can be. I discovered this in a new business category. SSE education caused the changes in my career. I left the previous company to become the Head of the Internet start-up project For me it was an opportunity to combine marketing knowledge and deep consumer behavior understanding I receive during my studying and put them in a form of the new communication model.

I can say that changes touched upon lots of my SSE mates. Coincidence, you may say. Perhaps, but for me they seem to be in accordance with the changes we were looking for entering the SSE Program. When there is a tension inside, you try to find an external proof to consider this tension as being natural and for own ability to come through the changes.

Stockholm School of Economics recognizes and respects you tension to be different and organize the right environment for that, through new knowledge you get and new people you meet. This is the basis for changes to happen. Be ready to let them in. Magic pills do not exist. So don't expect anybody to give you the solution for your particular problem. We always get exactly what we are ready for. We learn the information which we were open for - not more, not less. Good luck!

Pavel Starkov,
Head of the office, UPM-Kymmene, Saint Petersburg
EMBA General Management Round 2

The School allows seeing the world at a new angle. In a way, the Stockholm School of Economics transforms knowledge on spirit and substance transition that were acquired in early stages of life. The school gives an impulse, that lead to greater self-confidence and confidence in the world around. And, quite possibly, the greatest advantage of the School is that it is forever or at least for a very long time.

Learning process is not limited neither in space nor in time. Thanks to School new friends and new interests in life appear. This is very rare these times.


Alexander Belenkiy,
District Sales Manager AMD Russia and C.I.S., Moscow
EMBA General Management Round 1

The Stockholm School of Economics in Russia gave me much new knowledge, not only theoretical but also really useful in my daily work. This is a new standard of thinking where the models work and practical examples contribute to your own experience. School was a unique place, where I met wonderful and clever people who became my friends and whose advice helped me many times. That is the Stockholm School of Economics in Russia.







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