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Where to Buy

Where you can buy our books

Direct from the publisher

On the publisher site «Mann, Ivanov and Ferber» you can order our books by pressing the button [order the book], that is located on every book page. You will be forwarded to the Boffo! Book Boutique that is responsible for delivery and operational management of our internet shop.

Special offer for the companies
If you want to buy more than 20 books, for example for you employees, or as a gift for your partners, we are ready to discuss special price for you. In this case you can contact our sales person

Elena Mezhueva by phone  +7 (495) 792-43-72 or e-mail  b2b@m-i-f.ru

In Moscow

  • Saint-Petersburg: Nevskiy Book Store, Nevskiy avenue, 62, phone. +7 (812) 314–58–88, 318–65–46
  • Saint-Petersburg: Bookvoed, Ligovskiy avenue, 10, phone. +7 (812) 601–0-601
  • Saint-Petersburg: Bookvoed, Prosvesheniya avenue, 19, phone. +7 (812) 601–0-601

Bookselling organizations

If you are a wholesale customer, please contact our partner — company «Omega-L»,
Phone: +7 (495) 258-08-38, +7 (495) 777-17-99


For further information on publishing, please contact
"Mann, Ivanov and Ferber", e-mail sse@mann-ivanov-ferber.ru



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