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EuroFaculty-Pskov Project

Stockholm School of Economics, Russia participates in the EuroFaculty-Pskov Project aiming to assist Pskovs higher education institutions in training their students in accordance with international quality standards, is of great importance from the point of view of maintaining the momentum and quality of the economic development of this region.

Sweden is Lead Country for the Pskov project with Ambassador Kerstin Asp-Johnsson from the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs heading the projects steering body, the International Expert Group for the Project.

SSE Russia is acting in this Project as one of donors within the University Consortium including Turku School of Economics, Roskilde, University (Denmark), University of Turku (Finland), Trondheim Business School (Norway), Saint Petersburg State University.

The role taken by SSE, Russia lies, basically, in the social responsibility area and focused on assisting faculties from Pskov institutions via coaching, consulting and attending relevant Executive MBA program modules:

  • to develop curriculum for degree courses at bachelor and master levels in accordance with Bologna process requirements;
  • to learn and implement modern teaching methodology ,
  • to develop and improve examination methods and technique,
  • to establish corner stones of a quality assurance system within the Business Administration subject area.

In accordance with approved plan and schedule, young teachers from Pskov Volny Institute and Pskov Polytechnic Institute participate in training modules of SSEs Executive MBA programs to be submerged into the learning process of SSE Russia and, via collaboration with teachers and students, they, not only, absorb advanced methods of educational process but, also, share their expertise with SSEs staff as professionals. The next round of this coaching process will start in the Fall semester of 2009 when pairs from Pskov Institutions will be attending modules in Leadership, Strategy, Strategic Planning, etc. For summing up the first experience of learning and integrating it into educational process, the joint conference of SSE Russia, Pskov Institutions and University Consortium will be organized in October-November 2009.

The SSEs part of the project is coordinated by Pavel Novikov, Director of EMBA Program, Anders Liljenberg, Dean of SSE, Russia and Johnny Lindstrom, Associate Dean (retired).

In June 2009, Pavel Novikov visited to Pskov Volny Institute. The result of this trip and meeting with Institutes staff was development of the skeleton structure of courses as basis for middle and top management training in Pskov region.


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