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Letter from the Dean

Dr. Anders Liljenberg,
Dean Stockholm School of Economics · Russia

Dear Business Executive,

Welcome to the (web-)world of Stockholm School of Economics Russia. We are a niche-oriented Swedish-anchored international business school located in Moscow and St Petersburg providing higher education for the global executive market in Russia. The twelve successful years we have spent in Russia make us leaders in our field, a prominent position that the Stockholm School of Economics occupies in the whole of the Baltic Rim area since one hundred years. Yes; in 2009 we celebrated our centennial jubilee! 

Being a business school in 2012 means facing an array of challenges due to, and opportunities following, the global economic downturn. At Stockholm School of Economics Russia we are very much apt to accommodate the needs of business leaders in such a highly volatile environment. This was true during the 1998 Russian financial crisis when we were already operating, and it is as true today during the current financial tensions sweeping the world.

Ever since our inception in 1997, thanks to generous donations from the af Jochnick and Rausing families, we constitute the primary choice for successful business people with global minds and Russian experience. We are the only Russian-based school being part of Financial Times global executive mba rankings.

International in scope and Swedish in character means overall Western faculty and a learning climate where interactive methods dominate as seen in the pursuit of business cases and classroom market simulations. All this unfolds in an environment supporting true networking where your learning from other successful business people is constantly encouraged. We consequently aim at pushing higher business education even higher by combining state-of-the-art academic findings with successful business experience. This means we are not here for everyone but for those who are ready to contribute themselves in the process of acquiring new knowledge and making knowledge already had more systematic. This is our way of addressing your tangible business challenges in an as effective and efficient way as possible thus safeguarding long-term impact.

Our vision is to contribute to the development of sustainable business in Russia by which we intend the pursuit of sound, long-term, fair and socially responsible business practice benefiting primarily the customer, in consequence the own organization and ultimately the interests of Russia and its citizens.
 It is capitalism with a human face!

This vision of ours we work out by providing education in the English and Russian languages in two major areas that you find out more about on our website;
  • The MBA Programs in Executive format: “General Management” and “General Management in Russian”   
  • The Corporate Programs which are adapted to the specific needs of corporate customers


Dr Anders Liljenberg
Dean SSE Russia
Associate Professor Stockholm School of Economics  


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